Help Holly the Collie Grow

I've set up this pageof the website to help cover the costs of Holly's treat addiction. She's gotta get that jerky. Seriously, I'm pretty sure roo jerky is like doggie crack. If you are feeling generous I would really appreciate the extra help.

My schedule at the moment means that I post a comic on Friday evenings (New South Wales time), and I draw whenever I get a chance.

Sometimes it gets hard to find time to draw, I work full time and there is a lot to do at home. Some extra cash would help cover expenses, and would go towards getting some new equipment that will make drawing easier. My comics will always be free for people to read, but if you would like to support what I do by contributing via Patreon or by hitting the Sponsor button below, that would be great! Having supporters means that I can spend more time making comics and drawings, as well as focusing on some other projects that I'm hoping to bring to life.

Think of this page as my digital tip jar, if you like what I do and have some money to spare I would be grateful for it.

My goals are:
Jerky Addicts Anonymous

Holly's roo jerky addiction is not cheap. She is nuts for that stuff.
New Equipment
My goal is to save enough money to buy some new equipment, a new computer would go a long way. This is my most immediate goal. A new set up could help go a long way for the quality and quantity of my comics.
A Holly the Collie book
I would one day like to publish a children's (and adult's!) book. This is a long way down the track though, years maybe. But hopefully, some day, I'll be able to make it happen.

If you would prefer, you can help out and become a Patreon supporter by visiting, there are rewards for sponsorship as well as supporter only content.